A simple roguelite shooter made with Phaser.

Please click on the fullscreen button to play. Otherwise the page will slide around.


  • Arrow Keys - move
  • Left Mouse Button - shoot
  • Cursor - aim

Known issues (being worked on):

  • The text that's supposed to appear when you pick up items is not visible. All you need to know is that the arrow shaped items boost fire rate and the Xs boost your bullet damage. The wedges that enemies sometimes drop also refill your unlabelled health circle, seen in the upper left.
  • Item animations aren't playing.
  • Enemies will spawn too close to player and spawn kill them.
  • Player's square is supposed to play an animation of it being sketched in on the loading of a level but currently isn't coded to do so (the animation gets loaded into memory though!)

Things you've been spared from in this build because of lack of time:

  • Hilariously awkward, out of tune improvised acapella music sung by yours truly.
  • An SFX and music volume slider.
  • Multiple enemy types.
  • The mechanic that tied into the theme for this year's Ludum Dare (hence why this isn't being put into the running for that category).
  • Customizable keyboard controls
  • The game actually ending, the way it's implemented now is kind of an endless mode.

Made with:

  • Audacity for recording mouth noises
  • GIMP for the wiggly text and buttons that actually look pretty sweet
  • Aseprite for scribbling sprites
  • Phaser to keep the whole thing running
  • Cloud9 IDE to develop

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